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Research on the Labour Recruitment Industry between United Arab Emirates, Kerala (India) and Nepal

Author : International Organization for Migration (IOM) | 2016
Published By: International Organization for Migration

This paper, “Research on the Labour Recruitment Industry between United Arab Emirates, Kerala (India) and Nepal,” was commissioned to the International Organization for Migration by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue. It examines the labour recruitment processes from India and Nepal to the UAE, with a focus on low-skilled and semi-skilled workers. It seeks to create an understanding of the current structures, challenges, and flaws in the system that complicate regulation and expose prospective and current workers to various forms of abuse and exploitation, most notably the charge of illegal recruitment fees, with the aim to promote the development of more effective regulation and fair recruitment practices in the future. To this end, surveys and interviews were conducted with stakeholders in the target countries, including 2421 workers, and 316 recruiters, employers, government officials, and other relevant key informants. The snowball sampling technique was used in identifying potential interview partners and survey participants, and analysis was conducted from a supply chain perspective, leading to 22 key findings and 11 recommendations.

URL : 20170706122955.pdf

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