Socio-economic Factors

Socio-Economic Conditions of Migrant Labourers - An Empirical Study in Kerala

Author : Vidya Viswanath, Manoj P K | 2015
Published By: Indian Journal of Applied Research ·

Socio-economic conditions and living standards of are very discouraging in India, as per the available literature. Being in the unorganised sector, vast majority of them are devoid of minimum formal social security protection also. This situation prevails even if there are many statutory provisions for their welfare as per the Central and State level enactments. Though more and more employment is being generated, such employment is characterized by poor working conditions and lack of effective social protection. In the above context, this paper makes an empirical study of the socio-economic conditions of unorganised sector domestic migrant labourers (DML) in Ernakulam District of central Kerala and suggests strategies for improving the working and living conditions of the migrant labourers.

URL : 20170711023439.pdf

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