Plight of Women Workers in Unorganized Sector of Bastar District of Chhattisgarh

Author : Nadia Ahad, Pratibha J Mishra | 2017
Published By: Journal of Social Work Education and Practice

India has all along followed a proactive policy in the matter of labour Policy. India has evolved in response to specific needs of situation to suit requirements of planned economic development and social justice and a two-fold objective namely maintaining industrial peace and promoting the welfare of labour. The unorganized sector of the economy is primarily labour intensive but less rewarding to the workers in compensation to their efforts put in production. The characteristics of the unorganized labour are specified by the Second Commission on Labour (2002) as self employed persons involved in jobs, agriculture workers, migrant labours, casual and contract workers and home-based artisans. The nature of the employment relationship is the key determinant factor of unorganized labour. The unorganized labour accounted for more than percent of the total workforce according to census 2001. The majority of women workers come under this category and is employed in the rural areas. Among the rural women workers, 87 percent are employed in agriculture as labourers and cultivators. In urban areas, 80 percent are employed in household industries, petty traders, domestic servants and workers in the cottage industries. Though women constitute a significant part of workforce, they lag behind men and they are neglected section of the society. Moreover, it is an established fact that women bear a disproportionately heavy burden of work than men as they have to contribute more time in the care economy that is the domestic work. The unorganized is most vulnerable, ignored and diverse. Women in unorganized sector constitute a sizable number so it is important to study their problems and prospects. The present study is based on the primary data conducted in Baster district of Chhattisgarh which examine the socioeconomic conditions and various problems of unorganized women workers.

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