Socio-economic Factors

Socio –economic Implications and Legal Issues in Kozhikode Due to the Influx of Domestic Migrant Labour to the Region

Author : Priyadarsini P | 2016
Published By: Journal of Legal Studies and Research

The migration of labourers from North and North Eastern India has brought deep repercussions in the socio-economic scenario of Kozhikode. The situation is generally so in the state of Kerala where the ageing population of the state finds it difficult to manage their day to day activities without the help of these labourers. Hotels, restaurants ,shops and construction activities might even come to standstill if not for these migrants. They are the people who supply everything that the town needs and demands. In Kozhikode without knowing Hindi,the language in which most of the migrant labourers communicate ,matters wouldn’t be very smooth to the domestic population.

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