Legal Provisions

Safeguarding the Rights of Asian Migrant Workers from Home to the Workplace

Author : International Labour Organization, Asian Development Bank Institute, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development | 2017
Published By: ADB, OECD, ILO

Asia has maintained its important role in global migration, although there has been some change in the relative size of origin countries, with Pakistan becoming more important. The decline in oil prices has not yet affected the deployment of workers to GCC countries, although this is a concern in origin countries. Policies to reduce dependence on foreign workers in GCC countries have also yet to show an effect on the flow of workers. However, the impact of policies directed at the welfare and protection of deployed workers is apparent. Immigration of Asian citizens to OECD countries is at its highest peak ever, driven by rebounds in key destination countries. Asian immigrants in Europe and in North America fare better in the labor market than other immigrant groups, sometimes even better than native-born residents. The weight of Asian international students among all those studying at universities abroad is also high, in particular as a sending region. The presence of Asian students is particularly visible at the highest levels of tertiary education.

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