Socio-economic Factors

Assessing the Climate Change Environmental Degradation and Migration Nexus in South Asia

Author : International Organization for Migration (IOM) | 2016
Published By: IOM

In order to assess the climate change, environmental degradation and migration nexus in South Asia, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has undertaken research, including an assessment study, field research and national consultations in Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal to establish the evidence base and raise awareness on the subject. Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal have been selected for this project because of their commonalities, including high rates of urbanization and international migration (though the Maldives is an exception as it experiences net in-migration) and their high levels of exposure to diverse climatic events. The experiences of these three countries provide lessons for the region, as other countries in South Asia face similar challenges relating to environmental degradation and climate change.

URL : https://publications.iom.int/system/files/pdf/environmental_degradation_nexus_in_south_asia.pdf

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