Socio-economic Factors

Challenges of Migrants and Families: Left Behind Insights from Thuamul Rampur, India

Author : Gram Vikas | 2019
Published By: CMID, Kerala

Thuamul Rampur, Odisha, India, with the largest proportion of Scheduled Tribes and the lowest level of literacy among the Community Development Blocks in Kalahandi district, has been witnessing large-scale, long-distance labour migration of young men, particularly to the southern Indian states., As part of understanding and addressing the livelihood challenges, Gram Vikas in partnership with the Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development (CMID) conducted a qualitative research during May 2019 to understand the challenges of the labour migrants from Thuamul Rampur and their families left behind. The migration of men from the poor rural households appears to have reduced the access to quality health services for the left-behind families. Lack of convenient telecommunication and banking facilities. result in wastage of time, resources and disrupt communication between migrants and their families

URL : 20201115104839.pdf

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