Socio-economic Factors

Rapid Assessment Survey of Cash Transfer to Women Jan Dhan Account Holders

Author : Rapid Rural Community Response to COVID-19, RCRC | 2020
Published By: RCRC

Direct Benefit Transfer was recommended as an immediate COVID relief measure to the poor that will also help deal with the slowdown in the economy. Cash transfer to Jan Dhan account holders was one of the measures under Rs 1.76 lakh crore relief package announced by the Finance Minister. Five hundred rupees was planned to be transferred to 200 million women Jan Dhan account holders. There has been significant improvement in state capacity to transfer money due to JAM (short for Jan Dhan-AadhaarMobile) trinity. However, there has been reports of dormant Jan Dhan accounts and last mile glitches in withdrawal of money by poor especially in remote areas. Rapid Community Response to COVID-19 (RCRC) coalition decided to conduct a rapid assessment survey of Jan Dhan accounts, disbursal and withdrawal of five hundred rupees. It was piloted in Alwar by Ibtada. After this RCRC coalition decided to do it in different parts of country to have a comprehensive pan India view of the status of the Rs 500 relief package announced for women Jan Dhan account holders.

URL : 151120110829.pdf

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