Socio-economic Factors

State of Inclusion of Migrant Workers in Ernakulam District, Kerala

Author : Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development, CMID | 2020
Published By: Caritas India

Inter-state migrant workers have become an important and integral part of the economy of the southern Indian state Kerala. The state is estimated to have about 3.5 million workers from other states in 2018. The commercial capital and industrial hub of Kerala, Ernakulam district has been historically the most attractive destination for inter-state migrant workers in Kerala. However, there is only limited empirical evidence available about the migrant workers in the district. The district was catastrophically affected by the natural disasters that had occurred in August 2018. In order to evolve evidence-informed interventions Welfare Services conducted a baseline sample survey in their target geography in Ernakulam district during the period from November 18, 2019 to January 02, 2020, in partnership with Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development. Findings revealed that in addition to Tamil Nadu which historically has been supplying migrant labour to Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Odisha have emerged as major labour migration corridors with Kerala. Migrant labourers belonged to socially and economically disadvantaged communities who had limited employment opportunities beyond agriculture/agricultural labour at native places.

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