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Economic and social reasons have always been the primary reasons for migration, but in recent times environmental change is seen to be a major reason that contributes to the decision to migrate. Climate change can cause a reduction in land, livelihood or habitat security for some communities. The impacts of climate change can be the tipping point which results in an individual or family deciding to migrate. This month the Bulletin focuses on Climate Change and Migration. The SHRAM publications section features an important insight on the Report by Aajeevika Bureau on Migrant Construction Workers in Ahmedabad: A Profile.


1. Migrant Construction Workers in Ahmedabad: A Profile by Ajeevika Bureau
Ajeevika Bureau

Over the years, Rajasthani migrants have come to overwhelmingly occupy specific trade niches in Ahmedabad. Construction is amongst the largest sector and there are Rajasthani migrants across all points of the construction labour chain including the more skilled areas of carpentry, stone laying and polishing and fabrication. Other sectors that Rajasthani workers occupy include hotel, restaurant, canteen and catering work inclusive of running small, wayside eateries; junk and scrap recycling; head-loading and load-cart pulling, vegetable vending and the most personalised of all urban services - domestic work. There are many other areas in which the Rajasthani migrant has come to be a growing workforce, for example in security services and transportation.

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1. Policy Analysis: Climate Change and Migration Bangladesh
Maxmillan Martin, Yi hyun Kang, Motasim Billah, Tasneem Siddiqui, Richard Black and Dominic Kniveton

This paper first looks at why, how, where and when does migration become an effective adaptation strategy. Then it gives a snapshot of the changing migration patterns in Bangladesh.

2. Climate Change And Migration In Asia and the Pacific
Asian Development Bank

Climate change is expected to have a significant impact on the environments and societies of Asia and the Pacific. This study does not intend to repeat the extensive work by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and others.

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Data Hub
The data hub this month features the migration from Karnataka to top five states. Karnataka has been declared as the worst drought hit region by IMD.
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1. International Migrants Day celebration at KAS

KAS celebrated International Migrants Day by giving empahsis on the growing concern of Child labour and their rights. Experts from different NGOs participated and tries to create awareness about the need to stop child labour. At the end of the event pamphlets were distributed which gave the ways in which child labour exploitation can be solved.


2. Destination Visit to Tirrupur Tamil Nadu : Debadutta Club
Debadatta Club

Debadatta Club Migration Project Staff & Shramikmitra organized a Destination visit from 22.10.2015 to 28.10.2015 to Tamil Nadu state in different places along with different factory workers.

3. International Migration Day Celebration at YUVA

With the background of considering recreational activities as one of the development needs for children – a 3-hour program at Tatangar slum settlement in Belapur, Navi-Mumbai was organized by YUVA. The program included activities like storytelling, art & craft, song, and dance.


4. Pepus Magzine - Pravasi Shramik Sandesh issue 12

The Pepus Magzine - Pravasi Shramik Sandesh issue 12, features success stories and impact narratives from their work.



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