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Lets Plan for Smart Indian Villages

Would it be more pertinent to work towards making every habitation smart rather than focusing only on 100 smart cities? Instead of harping on smart cities how about smart villages? Let us start with the 4862 villages with over 10,000 residents. Let us make these smart villages thereby covering 8.6 percent of India‚Äôs rural population. […]

100 days employment: When was it first thought of?

Last week I asked a few economist friends of mine the following question. When was the idea of 100 days employment in rural India first mooted? Each one of them said Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme and then also mentioned MNREGA in the same breath.

India on the Move: Unravelling the Black Box of Commuting

In the last couple of decades, the number of two-way commuters between rural and urban areas on a daily basis has seen an explosive growth. This includes a large number of workers engaged in menial service sector jobs who do not have a fixed place of work. One could go out on a limb and […]