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Migrant Workers Rescued from Telangana Brick Kiln

Here is yet another success story of PARDA against labor rights violation and vulnerability of women in migration at a location far away in Telangana. One Ramu(Sira) Naik (50) and his daughter Haseena(Khira) Naik (30) have been rescued by our Migration Resource Centre, PARDA.

How a drought shapes the choice of livelihood

There are over 25,000 (female) sex workers in the city of Hyderabad, higher than any other city in India. Of them, 60 percent are women who migrated from villages and were forced to enter the sex trade as they had no other earning alternative. Women and children are forced to migrate to the city from […]

The largest migration stream in the developing bloc

Since Bangladesh came into existence in 1971, India has been the recipient of its overgrowing population which finds itself out of place and livelihood in the former Muslim nation state. At present, migration from Bangladesh is a combined result of social, economic, political and environmental factors. However, according to a UN report on Climate Change, […]

Trafficking through the Himalayan kingdom

Nepal may be known for its natural beauty and Mount Everest, but there is a dark side to this small, picturesque country. Women and girls are being bought, sold and smuggled across the Nepal-India border. Statistics vary on the number of Nepalese women who fall prey to traffickers, but social workers in the country estimate […]