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Economic Survey 2017 says labour migration higher than earlier estimates

According to data cited in the survey, Delhi was the largest recipient of migrants, accounting for more than half the number in 2015-16. People from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar accounted for almost half the migrants in the same period.

Community perceptions: How #Demonetisation impacts migrants

This morning I was roped in to speak about the impacts of demonetisation on migrant workers by Gurgaon ki Awaz, a community radio station in Gurgaon, where I live. I was speaking on a live show with the mandate to highlight systemic problems that might impact migrant workers in particular ways in this predicament, when […]

Migration is Here to Stay

Migration has been a recurring phenomenon throughout human history. Since time immemorial, man has perpetually been on the move in search of greener pastures and greater opportunities. These migratory movements have been a potent force in shaping the cultural landscape and political configuration in much of the modern world.

Extending the Franchise: Elections, Political Parties and Internal Migrants

The Tata Institute for Social Sciences in collaboration with SHRAM and ICSSR organised a National Seminar on Domestic Migrants “A Dialogue on Domestic Migrants, State and Inclusive Citizenship” .The two-day Seminar had leading social theorists, social scientists, policy makers, development researchers, demographers and civil society practitioners to examine the contested relationship between the state and […]

India’s Internal Migrants: Citizens Without a Vote and a Voice

The issue of political inclusion of the vast mass of India’s internal migrants gained salience when a batch of petitions, filed by a few Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and social activists, came up for hearing before the Supreme Court of India in early 2014. In light of the efforts aimed at extending the franchise to NRIs, […]