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Ray of Hope

I have recently joined the Agrasar team. To directly orient myself to the various initiatives driven by Agrasar, I decided to interact with a few students to understand about the education program, ‘Agrasar Bachpan’. While interacting, it was my conversation with Pooja that helped me get better insight into the inspiration behind Agrasar Bachpan.

Pooja’s rescue and return to Odisha: Gram Utthan Case Study

Pooja* was just seventeen years old, and had been employed as a domestic worker in a household in Kolkata from a very young age. Pooja’s father was a migrant labourer who had been working in Kolkata for many years. However due to a severe illness, he returned to Odisha, leaved his daughter in Kolkata to […]

Lack of accountability and lost lives: PARDA Case Study

Asha* (18) left her village in Odisha to work at a brick kiln in Telengana in 2014. She secured this work through an agent, and she and her father Vishal* had been working at the same destination since December 2014. In between, Vishal returned to his village to obtaining a BPL card, while his daughter […]

Connecting migrant families to government entitlements: Mumbai Mobile Creches

Mumbai Mobile Creches runs comprehensive day care centres for children of migrant workers living on construction sites, taking care of their health, education and nutrition. Below is a case study of one of MMC’s interventions, and a documentation of the outcome of their efforts to connect this migrant family to government entitlements. Rohan’s story reflects the difficulties […]

A life of uncertainty and instability: MMC

Rohini was born in Chalisgaon, Maharastra but shortly  thereafter her family moved to a construction site in  Mumbai. She has been living on construction sites for  as long as she can remember as the last three  generations of her family have all been construction  workers! For her, migration meant constant grappling  with the feeling of […]

Migrating towards freedom: Debadutta Club

It is well-established fact that migrant labour is associated with informal sector, working in unrecognized units without any social safety net. Including in the definition of organized sector those units employing 20 workers and more, 85 percent of total labour force would be categorized informal. Although we have the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act (UWSSA) […]

Voicing the concerns of the child migrant

There exist vast disparities when it comes to treatment of a usual child and the child of a migrant. When it comes to a migrant child, he/she is met out unequal treatment to say the least. Abuse, harassment, trafficking, forced labour is a part of their lives just by the virtue of being a migrant. […]