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Educated Migrant?

The overarching discourse on internal migration has given us enough fodder to understand and analyze the perils of migrating internally, especially in a developing country like India. We (the intelligentsia) have come to understand the underlying factors that triggers  migration at source and the destination ecosystem which affects migrants. At the global scale, we stand […]

Ray of Hope

I have recently joined the Agrasar team. To directly orient myself to the various initiatives driven by Agrasar, I decided to interact with a few students to understand about the education program, ‘Agrasar Bachpan’. While interacting, it was my conversation with Pooja that helped me get better insight into the inspiration behind Agrasar Bachpan.

Branding of Indian labour force

India is expected to be home to a skilled workforce of 500 million by 2022. About 12 million persons are expected to join the workforce every year. Till October ’14,the national skill development agency (NSDA) has been able to provide skill training to 31.52% of targeted population of about 10 million persons. In the backdrop, […]