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Report of a One-Day Workshop on Issues Related to Social Security and Services of Urban Poor

It was a pleasant moment for SSK Ghazibad centre to organize a one-day workshop on 19th May, 2016 to address the issues related to social security and services of urban poor.Migration from rural areas to urban areas to earn for livelihood is become a burning issue today. People of marginalized and backward group are migrating from rural to urban areas in search of livelihood. But when they migrate they face many issues like housing, appropriate employment, actual wage payment, lack of government policies, unawareness to legal rights etc. In this way it becomes necessary that they get social security and benefits of government schemes. To address these types of issues this workshop was organized to had a discussion with stakeholders on social security of migrant people and think of possible solutions.

The workshop was organized in Hotel Redbury, where 54 stakeholders participated. Officers of different level including labour department officers, NGOs representatives, Parshads, advocates, medias as well as migrant people were present in the workshop.


The objective of this workshop was to have a discussion with stakeholders on social security and services to urban poor people and think of possible solutions collectively.


Welcome address and lamp lighting-

The programme was started with welcome address given by Mr. Deena Nath Sing, In welcome address he welcomed all the guest and told the purpose of today gathering. He told that we gathered to discuss with stake holders on issues of social security and services of migrant people. He further told that two broad theme of today discussion is Street Vendors Act, 2014 and issues of construction workers.

After this welcome address the programme formality of lamp lighting was done by Parshads and other officers who were present in the workshop.


Inaugural presentation and thematic sharing on street vendors’ issues

The session was started at 11:45am with an overview of the organization’s efforts and its project of migration presented by Mr. Deena Nath Singh. This session was chaired by Mrs. Monika Mittal Parshad from Nagar Nigam. In his presentation talked about how organization started working on migration issues. He told that first project was implemented in Sitapur and then in Ghaziabad as it was seen that most of the people migrate in Ghaziabad to earn for their livelihood. He mentioned that the ssk ghaziabad is working on legal rights, BOCW registration, health issues etc. to sensitize migrant workers about their rights and entitlement to services. He also mentioned the achievement in this regard. Through intervention of the centre total 659 registration are made under BOCW and total worth Rs. 11,15,500 are benefited under BOCW schemes. Also through centre intervention total Rs. 8,29479 compensated to labourers whose wages are bad debts for many times.

After this presentation another presentation by Mrs. Gaytri was made on Street Vendors Act, 2014. She talked about act, its need, purpose, objectives and its enforcement. She also talked its importance for street vendors and focused on rights of street vendors under this act.

After these two presentations which was very helpful especially for migrants to understand their rights, floor was open for discussion. First Om Prakash, a street vendor who is also a member of NN Street vending committee raised his issues. He told that whoever is responsible for safety of migrant people are discriminative and do not fulfil their duties. He also mentioned that due to less knowledge of law, people could not able to demand their rights and also Parshads don’t know about the Street Vending Act, so how can they provide legal rights to street vendors. This is a Question that should be kept in mind. The other main issues that was raised by Om Prakash was as follows-

  • Work should be done through working committee
  • Survey should be done where street vendors work
  • There should be small working committee
  • There should be one office of working committee and also there should be regular meeting of the committee

Apart from this he also talked about National Urban Livelihood Mission (NLUM). He said according to law 5% of total budget can be spend on survey, card issue, making plans for street vendors, developing training and skills etc. But there is no such investment. So where is money going?

Another street vendor Mrs. Geeta and Phool Kali raised the issue of housing and asked to Nagar Nigam to make any provision regarding housing so that women can get basic facilities like water, light, toilet etc. She further told if housing provision are made and basic facilities are provided women will not be forced to go out for toilets in open space which question on women safety.Pepus staff providing inforamtion on labour (4)

Ram Sharan Varma, a rickshaw puller raised the issue of rickshaw stand. He told that there is no rickshaw stand in the city due to which rickshaw pullers faced many problems. If they stand their rickshaw in somewhere for a moment people started abusing them. He also raised the issue of registration and said after registration and all they do not get the Voter Id card and hence they don’t have any proof which create a problem in getting their rights as they don’t have any identity.

Bhoop singh, a migrant labourer raised the issue of registration. He said that when people go for registration they are said that registration is closed now, come after 3-4 days. He also talked about difficulties in getting birth certificate and said sometime we are asked to pay Rs. 500 for birth certificate which is completely invalid and illegal.

Pepus staff providing inforamtion on labour (3)

These were some issues raised by the migrant workers. Jyoti ji said that the issues raised are genuine and need clarification from authorities. Mr. Ajay Sharma, Parshad of Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad told Mayer could not attend the workshop due to some emergency works to response the questions asked.

Mr. Ajay Sharma, Parshad of Sanjay Nagar responded very beautifully and assured that he will keep all these issues and will be solved very soon. He further said that questions raised are genuine but somewhere we are also responsible for this due to unawareness and lack of education. On the issue of voter id card, he said that work is going on and street vendor will get their voter id card very soon.

On birth certificate issue he said that this is due to our lack of knowledge. If we apply for birth certificate immediately after child born, we can get birth certificate easily and also at less cost. He also clarifies that if we apply for birth certificate after 31 days but before one year then they have to take permission from CMO and if they apply after one year of birth, permission from magistrate have to take.

On rickshaw stand issue he said that if anyone have any knowledge of any place where space is enough to make rickshaw stand, then come to us we assured that we will make the rickshaw stand.

On housing issues, he said that there is no such provision and also Nagar Nigam don’t have power to do this. He further said that people have misconception that Nagar Nigam has many free space which can be used for housing issues, but this not under their authority.

He also gave his number and said that if anyone face any issue contact me, I will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Himansu Mittal, husband of Kavi Nagar Parshad said that if anyone has any idea of any place where rickshaw stand can be made either tell us or Deena Nath, of the SSK centre, they will make stand.

On toilet issues he said toilet in home is not possible, however public toilet can be made if you identify the place and tell us.

Pepus staff providing inforamtion on labour (2)

Manika Mittal, Parshad of Kavi Nagar said that whatever issues came we assured you that we will work on this and will try to solve all your problems as soon as possible.

S.P Singh said that they will try to do all the things which are under their authority. He also said that they will try to raise your issues to authorities of higher level if possible. He also asked to audience that they should not know only their rights but also understand the work and power of authorities.

In this way this session became very interesting with useful and valuable discussion, which undoubtedly will help both migrant workers as well as authorities to understand the issues and their possible solutions.

Closing the session Mrs Jyoti said that cities are becoming for those who can buy it, not for those who can make it.


Thematic sharing on issues related to BOCW registration and schemes

The second session was chaired by Mr. H.K Chetty director of Asha Deep Foundation, other people on the dice were Mr. K.N Agrawal retired assistant labour officer and current BOCW coordinator, labour enforcement officer Mr. Akhlaque Ahmed, Advocate Mr. S.P Singh and Mr. S.K Singh member of CITU.

This session was started with an overview of BOCW by K.N. Agrawal. He said that currently 14 schemes under BOCW are running, but due to too much conditions migrant workers are not able to get the benefit. Giving the answer of Bhoop Sing question (who raised the issue of housing scheme that after one-year application and fulfilling all the formalities he couldn’t got the benefit), he said that in housing scheme there are too much procedures and conditions due to which problems are faced in getting this scheme. On the issue of BOCW registration he said that now migrant construction worker can get immediate registration at Jan Suvidha Kendra by giving cash money and hence no need to go to bank to deposit money and then come for registration. He also explained some schemes and its criteria like pension scheme, child benefit scheme, maternity benefit scheme etc. He said no need to be worry there are schemes from birth to death and we assure you that we will help you in getting benefits of the schemes. He also clarifies misconception on eligibility of domestic workers and said that only construction workers are eligible for the benefit.

He appealed to construction workers to keep always a copy of registration with them and take 90 days’ certificate every year.

Labour Enforcement officer Mr. Akhlaque Ahmad talked about BOCW Act and gave an overview about the act and schemes under this act. He said that, “BOCW schemes are only for construction workers whether they are poor or rich but not anyone else.” He also appealed to construction worker to do registration and said that this not a charity where anyone can come and get the benefit.

Advocate Mr. S.P. Singh focused on issue of delay or no wage payment. He said that labourer work hard but they do not get the accurate and actual wage. So I appeal to all workers to keep an attendance diary with them and keep all records and also take the phone number and address of the owner so that in we can contact with owner regarding any dispute or issues.

Mr. S.K. Singh said that whatever law made is good and can help needy people. But there are two problems, first how much we understand our rights and second how much authorities who are responsible to implement understand his responsibilities and duties. He appealed to people that we should understand our rights and responsibilities. He further said that many times it happens that people get less wages but they don’t know that they are getting less wage. Also worker don’t have any wage slip or attendance record which create problems for them in getting their rights. Talking about social security he said very interesting thing that people who belong to marginalized group are forgot the issues of marginalized group when they reach in good condition. He asked people to be educated first and then fight for their rights.

Winding up the session Mr. B.B Goel said that this was a new experience for labourers that they got the opportunity to discuss on their own issues. He also thanked SSK centre for organizing such a valuable workshop and fighting for rights of marginalized people. He also gave some suggestions to cope up the issues of labourers which were as follows-

  • He suggested that labourer card should be linked with Aadhar card, so that registrations can be done easily and also chances of fraud will be less.
  • He also suggested that if money could not spend then use this money in expansion of departments so that workers get registration easily and can get rid from crowd.

 He winded up the session with summing up the discussion of both sessions.

After this session Mrs. Parerna Goel sing a poem written by her on luck. She said people only talk about luck and luck but not about their efforts. She said we should depend on our work not on luck.

The whole programme was winded up by vote of thanks given by Mrs. Gaytri She thanked to all participant for coming at the cost of their valuable times and having a good and healthy discussions on issues of social security and services.

Reflection and Conclusion

This workshop proved very successful for migrant workers as they got a golden opportunity to put their issues in front of stakeholders and get solutions. They hardly get such type opportunity to put their issues and suggestions. This workshop not only provided a platform to discuss their issues with stakeholders but also helped them in building their confidence. Thus this workshop helped them to speak confidently in front of authorities and discuss on their issues.

Along with migrant workers, stakeholder also got an opportunity to hear issues of migrant people and also about their work from migrant workers which ultimately helped him to know their drawback and limitations. This is necessary for them because if they are known about their limitations and failure they can work more effectively and efficiently.

Thus this workshop provided a two way of discussion which was very helpful for both the migrants as well as stakeholders. This workshop clarified many doubts of migrants and also helped stakeholders in understanding the issues of migrant people and their possible solutions.

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