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End to manual scavenging

With the amendment of the Manual Scavenging law, government is taking a major decision to end manual scavenging. Even though there were laws in place to end this in 2019 around 110 workers were killed while cleaning sceptic tanks and sewers. Hyderabad shows an example by using sewer machines. Manual scavenging continues to be a […]

Internal Migration and Human Rights in India

India being large by geographic space and given the natural instinct of mankind to move, internal migration or movement of people from one corner to another is nothing new and nothing to worry about unless we disturb it. People on the move may also be rooted, that is, live permanently in one region understood as […]

Internal Migration conundrum in India

The first-ever estimates of internal work-related migration using railways data for the period 2011-2016 indicate an annual average flow of close to 9 million migrant people between the states.

Care Regimes and Transnational Migration: What Happens to Those Left Behind


Over the last few decades migration studies have fruitfully intersected with race, class and gender studies to foreground the gradual but steady marketisiation and commodification of migrant women’s reproductive labour from poor to richer countries.

Climate Induced Internal Migration in India: Emerging Challenges

Among the many impacts of climate change, large scale displacement of people from slow onset and rapid onset disasters both at national and international scale have received increasing attention in the rubric of climate refugee discourse. India is no exception to the increasing impacts of climate change as one of the highly vulnerable country in […]

Legal Literacy Camp Organised by PEPUS

A legal literacy camp was organized by PEPUS at village Mamai, Kaudihar block, Dist, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh on 19th April 2016.The camp was organised to make aware migrant workers of their rights and entitlements as it is the first step towards work security and empowerment.

Drought, Destitution and Distress Migration


Half of the 688 districts in India today are reeling under the extreme situation of drought. Some of the regions, particularly the western part of India has been consecutively experiencing drought but during 2016 the intensity of drought has become more severe and widespread.

Destination Visit to Tiruppur Tamil Nadu : Debadutta Club

Destination Visit To Tiruppur Tamil Nadu Dt-22.10.2015 to 28.10.2015 Venue- Tiruppur,Achampalayam,Nilipalayam & Anur Dist- Tiruppur Org by- Debadatta Club Grindolmal Bargarh Odisha Supported by- TATA TRUST Mumbai Debadatta Club Migration Project Staff & Shramikmitra organized a Destination visit from 22.10.2015 to 28.10.2015 to Tamil Nadu state in different places along with different factory workers.

Displaced from habitat: Tribals of Chhattisgarh

Migration from Chhattisgarh has been primarily driven by astute poverty conditions and inherent political instability. Drought prone areas of the state have recorded steady flow of men and women to other regions. Similarly, the presence of Naxalists has added to further problems for the population, majority of which, in some regions is Scheduled Tribes. They […]