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Birbal, a new initiative to help you help others: Agrasar

Innovation and creativity are key to social sector initiatives. For Agrasar, which is a not for profit organisation based in the National Capital Region, finding creative solutions that meet an immediate need has been an effective strategy. Agrasar operates 5 vocational training centres in Gurgaon, Saharanpur and Haridwar; however, our long-term interest is in providing solutions by which disadvantaged communities (like migrants) can access social services, with education as a priority.

Birbal, our latest innovation, came about when we were approached by well-meaning upper-income citizens of Gurgaon who were seeking solutions that could help out those who provided them services, like their domestic helpers, drivers, car cleaners, dhobis, security guards, etc. We knew we had hit the nail on the head when we got 7 queries within the first week of launching the website!

Like the famous advisor to Emperor Akbar, who combined wisdom with wit, Birbal seeks to find immediate solutions to help socially disadvantaged people. At the same time, it makes a humble bid to build a more inclusive society.

In short Birbal, accessed through a dedicated website, is a facilitator for socially responsible citizens. He helps them help others. Let me tell you how.

One of the first queries we received was from Anuradha De. Anuradha, wo works as a researcher, wanted to help her maid get a better job. She felt that as a 12th class graduate, the lady should be able to gain better employment options that worming as a domestic help. We were fascinated. Here was a woman who, despite her own dependence on domestic helpers, was asking us to help her maid  to get a better job! Birbal provided her the appropriate information and the maid is now considering her options.

How it’s done

Birbal is backed by a dedicated team that gathers and imparts knowledge based on research and fieldwork taken on case by case. The team also facilitates the enquirer to utilise the services provided by various social development institutions.

Birbal is new, but we’re working hard to grow it organically and rapidly. Over time, we hope to build a database and network that will help the needy connect with right individuals and institutions.

To know more and post your query – www.ebirbal.org


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