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Migrant Workers Rescued from Telangana Brick Kiln

Here is yet another success story of PARDA against labor rights violation and vulnerability of women in migration at a location far away in Telangana. One Ramu(Sira) Naik (50) and his daughter Haseena(Khira) Naik (30) have been rescued by our Migration Resource Centre, PARDA.

In fact, Ramu(Sira) and his daughter Khira(Haseena) went to Pathancheru Brick kiln in Secunderabad district of Telangana. They went to Harishankar road railway station from their village Darlipada in Tarbod GP of Nuapada district and from there onwards to the destination in Telangana with the help of Agent Raju Tandi without any advance on 14/12/2015.


After reaching the destination they employed at work by the brick kiln owner Bagga and they worked sincerely for the first week. But then Haseena fell sick and she wanted medical attention. She somehow managed to call Mr. Rudra Charan Pattnaik, Chairman PARDA, whose mobile number she had saved in her cell phone; because her village is in the operational area of MRC run by PARDA.


She then narrated how she was being compelled to work in spite of her sickness and how the employer was attempting to abuse her physically. She even went to the extent of telling that, she would die if not immediately rescued from there.

Then Mr. Rudra Pattnaik obtained the telephone number of Bagga; the brick kiln owner and contacted him. Mr. Pattnaik requested him to release the father-daughter duo but he denied with defiance. After that, Mr. Pattnaik threatened to sue him on Interstate Migration act which yielded and the employer agreed to release them. He then arranged for her medical treatment and sent them by bus from Pathancheru to Secunderabad railway station paying them Rs. 1000/-.

Ramu and Haseena came from Secunderabad to Raipur by train and were received by PARDA representative and were brought to Nuapada. They were handed over to the district administration. Then they were sent to their village.

As a follow-up, PARDA has arranged for inclusion of the family for inclusion in different Govt. schemes such as IAY, BoCW and Homestead/agricultural land for landless. PARDA is also making arrangements for securing their payment pending with the employer through legal procedure.

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