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Financial Literacy awareness Camp organised by PEPUS

A Financial Literacy awareness Camp was organised by PEPUS, on May 17, 2016 at village-Bheekhanpur, block-Kaudihar, District- Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.The camp was attended by migrant labours and their families. It was explained to participants that without financial inclusion, social security cannot be assured as both are closely interlinked and they were suggested several ways through which financial sustainability can be ensured along with social security.

Mr. Puneet, Program Manager, started by informing that there are lots of studies done to understand the role of financial linkages and prosperity, for instance In a study done by World Bank, has concluded that poverty and financial exclusion are directly related.

Pepus staff providing inforamtion on labour (1)

He said that first step to ensure financial security is to link with the bank after opening a bank account, thereafter one can avail services of the banks like credit at reasonable interest rate and other services including insurance schemes. He also told the participants that now the Banks are becoming proactive in helping resource less communities and they should avail those benefits. He also emphasized on availability of proper documents that are needed to link with all institutions including banks.

Mr. Krishna Kant, Coordinator, emphasized on financial literacy, social security and youth skill enhancement through training imparted by PEPUS.

He clarified that the women of the migrant community are the most vulnerable section. And that makes it more important for women of the migrant community to be financially and socially active, otherwise they are prone to exploitation and unemployment. He also emphasized the role of unity and integrity among the migrant community. He explained the strength of unity by exemplifying certain cases where people’s unity have worked as a virtual pressure group to get their registration and renewal like subjects completed with success.

Pepus staff providing inforamtion on labour

He also said to attempt organized saving practices like Swajivika Vikas Samuh(SVS) within the womenfolk to empower them and in generating livelihood opportunities in the future.

Mr. Rajkumar, Field Associate, explained that to change the scenario of the villages different government schemes have been launched. He discussed about the necessity of linking the unorganized labours with the BoCW Welfare Board. He informed the labours about the 15 schemes that are meant for unorganized labor are worth Rs. 8 Lacs. To avail these benefits he informed that a regular labour, has to get validated as a labour. In case of negligence from the government, superior offices can be contacted. In all these conditions the organization would help them through information and leadership.

There occur a number of disputes between labours and owners/contractors. To provide consultation to the labours every month a Legal Clinic Day is organized. He encouraged visiting Shramik Shayata Kendra (Labour Help Center)to get knowledge that would empower them.


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