• Orientation Workshop by Calcutta Research Group (CRG) and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

    Subject : Global compact on migration and refugees, Racialisation of migration | Workshop Date :25-Nov-2018 To 30 Nov 2018 |

    This workshop is meant for people who are already studying or working on issues of forced migration. Their contributions to the workshop can be a research paper, documentary, photo exhibit, or any knowledge based end product. We look forward to your response and request you to share the notification widely among those who would be interested in joining. Last date of application is 15 May 2018.

  • Orientation Course on Labour Migration: Perspectives and Practice (by TISS Patna & Aajeevika Bureau)

    Subject : labour migration | Workshop Date :09-Aug-2018 To 19 Aug 2018 |

    The Course aims to provide a learning platform for practitioners and workers' rights advocates with focused work or engagement with labour migration. It aims to enrich practitioners’ field insights with conceptual inputs on labour migration and at the same time creates avenues for academic and policy discourses to draw from the ground experience of practitioners. The course seeks to bridge the divide between academia and practice through a two-way feedback loop, and deepen knowledge on labour migration. The last date for submission of completed applications is April 20, 2018.

  • One Day Consultation on Child Marriage vis a vis Trafficking: Maharashtra at TISS, Mumbai

    Subject : child Marriage, trafficking, girls | Conference Date :24-Apr-2018 To 24 Apr 2018 |

    Organised by Justice and Care, in association with School of Law, Rights & Constitutional Governance, TISS, and Maharashtra State Commission for Women (MSCW). The objective of the Consultation is two fold in nature: Positive contribution to the above mentioned research on “Child Marriage vis a vis Trafficking: Maharashtra”. Contribution to the proposed National Conference on Ending Child Marriages - A conference to be hosted by the CSO Coalition to end Child Marriages in collaboration with the National Human Rights Commissions.

  • Call for Papers: Cultural Practices of Labour in Migration at TISS Patna

    Subject : labour migration, urban culture, Gender and sexuality, Indigenous Culture | Conference Date :20-Apr-2018 To 21 Apr 2018 |

    The purpose of this conference is to bring together works from diverse fields and discipline that will re-examine the making and unmaking of cultural practices that accompanies labour migration both historically as well as in contemporary times. last date for Submitting abstracts: January 10, 2018.

  • National Seminar on Orality, Migration and Epistemology on Tribes in India’s Northeast 2018 at Jamia Millia

    Subject : North East, migration, Orality, | Seminar Date :08-Mar-2018 To 09 Mar 2018 |

    research papers to discuss orality, migration and tribal epistemology in the context of India’s North East broadly related to but not exclusively to the following themes: *The question of migration and settlement – a search through oral tradition, cultural practices and folklores. * “Orality and Literacy” in the tribal society with the emergence of print culture. *Epistemic enquiry into the traditional forms of knowledge, meanings, references and hermeneutic. *Diverse cultural narratives, traditions and practices including ceremonial use of attires, contractual marriage, youth dormitories, interpretation and dramatization of the legends of the Epics and so on *Relationship between man, nature and the environmental concerns in the light of modern concept of “development” *Understanding language as a tool for creating cognitive schemes by analysing the folklores, folktales and myths. *Traditional conception of holding of land and transfer of land ownership *Traditional understanding of justice and peace

  • Lecture on Indian Migration in Global History by CPR and Infosys

    Subject : Indian Migration in Global History | other Date :26-Feb-2018 To 26 Feb 2018 |

    Lecture by Sunil Mehra at 6.30pm. Over the past 200 years, tens of millions of people have left India’s shores to make their living on every continent. Until recently, their experiences have been missing from our accounts of both Indian history and global history. This lecture will show how multiple Indian diasporas have been a cultural, economic, and political force in the making of the modern world.

  • Call for Papres: DTSA National Seminar on Livelihoods & Skills for Progress in India

    Subject : Livelihood, Development, Skill Training in India, | Seminar Date :04-Feb-2018 To 04 Feb 2018 |

    While the seminar seeks to explore alternative and innovative ways to livelihoods and skills, we invite papers across the sectors that attempts through creative means to make a theoretico-practical dent on the varied aspects of the said sub themes. Please send your abstracts (300 words) by email along with your contact details (Phone number and address) and current institutional affiliation to the following email: biswaranjan.tripura@tiss.edu

  • Seminar at IDSK by Avishek Ray

    Subject : Of Vagrants & Migrants: On the Discursive Limit of Development | Seminar Date :24-Jan-2018 To 24 Jan 2018 |

    Dr. Avishek Ray Assistant Professor Department of Humanities and Social Sciences National Institute of Technology, Silchar will present a paper at 3.15 pm, IDSK Seminar Room, 5th Floor http://idsk.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/A-Seminar-by-Dr.-Avishek-Ray.pdf

  • TISS Patna Centre Migration Lecture Series, Lecture 12

    Subject : Contract Labour, Workers' Struggles, Informalization | Seminar Date :05-Jan-2018 To 05 Jan 2018 |

    Speaker of the lecture: Rakhi Sehgal Topic: Contract Labour, Informalization, and Workers' Struggles in the Gurgaon Industrial Belt. The issues of increasing informalization and contractualization of labour; repression of labour struggles; and challenges faced by migrant workers will be discussed during the course of the presentation.

  • Orientation Programme on Migration at TISS Patna

    Subject : facets of contemporary migration | Seminar Date :15-Dec-2017 To 27 Feb 2018 |

    The Centre for Development Practice and Research (CDPR) of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) announces an orientation programme in ‘Migration’. The programme will be offered from the premises of the TISS Centre at Patna.The last date of receiving application by mail or post is 5th November 2017.

  • Building Resilience: Dialogue, Collaboration and Partnerships across Our Differences

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :04-May-2017 To 06 May 2017 |

    women, Sri Lanka, collaboration, gender, nationality, social, physical interest, humanity,

  • Call for Applications

    Subject : Call for Applications | Scholarship Date :14-Apr-2017 To 15 May 2017 |

    Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the principal intergovernmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non‐governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

  • Migrating out of Poverty: From Evidence to Policy

    Subject : Call for Papers & Multimedia Contributions | Conference Date :28-Mar-2017 To 29 Mar 2017 |

    mobility, macro process, globalisation, culture, class, ethnicity, race, segmented labour, labour, low market value, women, men, feminisation, migrants

  • Workshop on Labour Migration and Social Change in South Asia

    Subject : Call for Papers | Workshop Date :27-Mar-2017 To 27 Mar 2017 |

    This workshop offers a platform for young researchers, scholars and practitioners to share thoughts and receive feedback on current research about labour migration and the social changes it induces in sending and receiving communities. We invite papers from PhD scholars as well as young researchers and practitioners engaged with issues of migration and social change. The papers may be theoretical or empirical, qualitative or quantitative in their approach, but must rely on in-depth knowledge of labour migration, and clearly eludicate the link between migration and social change. Recognizing that social changes encompass a wide array of social dynamics, papers may encompass themes related to, but not exclusive to poverty, livelihoods, emerging labor market opportunities, social mobility, access to migration opportunity, inequality, caste relations, gender, spatial changes, etc.

  • Migration and Diasporas: Emerging Diversities and Development Challenges

    Subject : Conference | Conference Date :22-Mar-2017 To 23 Mar 2017 |

    Both migration and its outcome in the form of Diaspora has been a significant policy challenge for the home and host countries. No countries and society stand isolated today. The global movement of individuals, ideas, technology, and culture, has significantly affected the everyday interactions among people. The complex interplay of local and global conditions, including the lobby groups, socio-economic and political conditions of the country, levels of development, technological progress and other institutional development such as financial, educational, social, etc., have also influenced the migration and diaspora policy formation of the host as well as source country. Today, migrant and diaspora communities are seen as a critical component of the development process of a country. Development engagement is constantly mediated through social and cultural identities of the migrant and Diaspora communities. These identities are not only very diverse but are also a space for social, political and ideological contestation.

  • Migration: Change and Continuity

    Subject : Call for Papers | other Date :01-Mar-2017 To 01 Mar 2017 |

    For the Special Issue, the guest editors would specifically welcome submissions that apply a historical perspective to contemporary patterns of migration. Such themes as inter-generational mobility, gender, class and caste specificity, and migration persistence are of interest. Papers can focus on any of the larger countries in South Asia. Focus on certain regions known for a history of migration such as Ratnagiri, Ganjam, Azamgarh, Garhwal, or Sivaganga in India, Mirpur in Pakistan, Sylhet in Bangladesh or similar regions in South Asia would be encouraged.

  • International Conference on Borders, Violence and Identities

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :21-Dec-2016 To 23 Dec 2016 |

    Borders in various parts of the world are major sources of disputes between states. For India, some of the major border conflicts can be traced back to India’s partition in 1947 and Radcliffe’s arbitrary lines separating India and Pakistan. Border, here, is porous, artificial and even shifting in some places. Till recently, the existence of Chhitmahal (border enclaves) further complicated the Indo-Bangladesh borderland situation. India also shares a deeply contested border with China. Border disputes between India and Pakistan/Bangladesh and China have repercussions for not only the borderland residents and for religious and ethnic minorities of the subcontinent. Beyond South Asia intensely violent borders exist between U.S. and Mexico, Thailand and Cambodia, Congo and Angola – to name a few. Graves of Rohingya refugees have been discovered recently in Thailand borders. Border crossings within Europe can also be equally dangerous for different groups of people as the recent Syrian crisis has shown.

  • Migration Pattern and the Emerging Trends of Migration in the Mountainous Region of the Himalayan States of India

    Subject : Conference | Conference Date :11-Dec-2016 To 12 Dec 2016 |

    Theme: Migration Pattern and the Emerging Trends of Migration in the Mountainous Region of the Himalayan States of India. Sub themes i. Migration: Theoretical Perspective. ii. Migration Pattern and the Globalization Processes. iii. Emerging Trends of Migration in the Mountainous Region of India: Regional Perspective. iv. Causes and the Consequences of Migration. v. Migration and Process of Acculturation: Problem and Prospects.

  • Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :26-Nov-2016 To 27 Nov 2016 |

    The conference will bring together scholars from diverse fields such as academic, civil society and policy from different countries. The conference intends to provide comparative perspectives in diaspora engagement. The papers will be published in a book by an international publisher. The conference will have more wider reach and try to represent as many countries possible so that both macro and micro perspectives and diversities of issues will be covered. There are several countries actively engaged in policies and working on a new paradigm of global engagement to tap resources in the globalised world ever increasing human mobility.The conference is conceived to address these issues, both conceptual as well as applied areas so as to give a wholistic approach to understand the issue.

  • Climate Justice Feminist Participatory Action Research for Change

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :30-Oct-2016 To 30 Oct 2016 |

    Global warming, environmental degradation and climate disasters have been caused by the historical exploitation of the world’s resources and carbon by the wealthiest nations and individuals. The richest 10% of the world’s population is responsible for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions, while the poorest 50% caused only 10% . The powerful members of the G7 are responsible for 59% of historical global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Sadly, it is the communities that have contributed almost nothing to global emissions, and particularly women, who are among those most threatened and affected by climate change. For instance, the US emits more than 175 times more carbon per person than Nepal, yet the increasing temperatures in the Himalayan region are higher than global averages. Countries of the Global South are suffering the after-effects of the relentless greed of a very privileged few.

  • IFRC-TISS International Roundtable Conference on 'Disasters and Forced Migration: A Global Overview'

    Subject : Call for Abstracts | Conference Date :24-Oct-2016 To 25 Oct 2016 |

    Forced Migration is also expected to increase with the growing concerns of climate change. The IPCC Working Group II in its assessment report in 2014, explicitly recognized that “Climate change over the 21st Century is projected to increase displacement of people” and “can indirectly increase risks of violent conflicts in the form of civil war and inter¬group violence by amplifying well¬documented drivers of these conflicts such as poverty and economic shocks”TISS in partnership with IFRC proposes an international  round­table conference to engage with questions such as those posed above to facilitate discourse amongst the participants   on   the   understanding   of   forced   migration   and   displacement   in   the context of both natural as well as man­made crises. 

  • Negotiating Globalization: Trade Unions and Labour in Contemporary India

    Subject : Conference | Conference Date :22-Sep-2016 To 23 Jul 2016 |

    Trade unions are the collective bargaining agents of the workers. On the face of rapid deterioration of the conditions of the organized labour and the burgeoning informal labour, the trade union movement is facing a challenge in the country. While we see some trade union actions in terms of all India strikes, almost every year, one wonders how far the trade union movement of this kind has been successful in protecting the interests of labour. On the other hand, there has been a tendency towards fragmentation of the ambit of the centralised trade unions, which is evident from the rise in independent, non-affiliated organised actions of workers at the local level. Very few studies are available on the nature of collective bargaining and trade union organisations in a context of changing nature of labour processes and conditions under globalization.

  • 15th IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists

    Subject : Call for Papers | Seminar Date :27-Jul-2016 To 29 Jul 2016 |

    The IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meetings are a joint initiative of IZA and the Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) to underline the prominent role of international labor market research in Europe as well as the US. This is an event where IZA invites the members of SOLE to meet European researchers. The meetings are meant to stimulate international discussion and cooperation among labor economists. Today's developments in labor market research go so fast, are so exciting, and mushroom in so many places of this world, that having joint meetings every half decade does not serve the needs of our community. Our idea is to provide an annual forum for economists worldwide who are involved in labor market research. This forum discusses many different aspects of problems that modern labor markets currently face. We thus hope to enhance our knowledge of basic labor market parameters and to improve our ability to predict the effects of changes in labor market policies.

  • 2nd Postgraduate Conference on Migration “Looking Beyond the Refugee Crisis”

    Subject : Conference | Conference Date :09-Jun-2016 To 09 Jun 2016 |

    We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Postgraduate Conference on Migration at the University of Sheffield is now open for registration. The conference brings together a range of exciting presenters and delegates from different disciplines interested on migration, as well as a keynote talk from Professor Alexander Betts. We invite all researchers, students, practitioners and activists who work or are interested in the field of migration to attend this one-day intensive conference. This year conference aims at looking beyond the mediatised refugee crisis by exploring issues about migration and development, evolution of migration policies, challenges encountered in researching migration and representations of migrants, among other topics. The conference provides diversified insights into a wide range of migration topics and discussions, providing a friendly environment for engagement between post-graduate and early-career researchers from within and beyond the UK.

  • 6th Joint IZA/IFAU Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation

    Subject : Labor Market Policy Evaluation | Seminar Date :31-May-2016 To 22 Jun 2016 |

    6th IZA/IFAU Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation. This conference is jointly organized by IFAU (Uppsala) and IZA (Bonn) in a bi-annual rhythm, taking place this year at IZA, in Bonn, on October 6-7, 2016. The keynote lecture will be delivered by Jeffrey A. Smith (University of Michigan and IZA). The Program Committee invites submissions for about 15 presentations from academic researchers doing program evaluation research on policy issues related to the labor market. Papers that include innovative approaches, structural modeling or methodological contributions are of particular interest. Topics include (but are not limited to): • Innovative methods for policy evaluation (e.g. field experiments) • Labor market policies for low-skilled, youth and other disadvantaged unemployed groups • The effects of labor market policies on inequality (in wages, occupations, job tasks etc.) • Relationship between labor market policies and health outcomes • The effects of minimum wages • Interaction between labor market and education policies • Policies to integrate refugees and migrants into the labor market

  • Migrations and Citizenship(s)

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :30-May-2016 To 01 Jun 2016 |

    Gruesome reports on migrants—of hundreds drowning as their rickety boats capsized in unforgiving waters, of them being enslaved or detained in squalid camps in Europe and Asia, even of their summary executions on the high seas—have punctuated news headlines with alarming regularity in recent years. What is novel about these reports are not the tragic incidents themselves which have a long history, but their scale as the magnitude of migratory flows across the Mediterranean and the Bay of Bengal have risen exponentially in recent years. The International Organization for Migration, to cite just one figure, estimated that at least 30,400 migrants arrived in Greece till May 12 this year compared to 34,000 in all of 2014. If the immediate triggers for the rapid increase in migrations across the Mediterranean are obvious—foreign intervention in civil wars from Libya through Syria to Yemen and Iraq, and the continuing instability in Afghanistan—the vast numbers involved raise several questions. These streams of migrants themselves are part of a larger chain of trans-African and trans-Asian migrations as people in places further away move closer to the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean shores to better situate them for the passage to Europe or to Southeast Asia and beyond. While the direct results of Western (or Western-backed) interventions are obvious, what are their indirect corollaries—Boris Pasternak’s “the fruits of fruits, consequences of consequences”—ranging from the structural adjustment policies that wrecked African economies to the U.S. and European actions that enable Israel to expel Palestinians from their homeland? Which populations are more likely to see migration as a route to a more secure future? How have foreign investments in land (and the consequent expulsion of peoples) and environmental degradation (and consequent loss of patterns of livelihood) fuelled these migrations? This conference, sponsored by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and Binghamton University, is designed to explore some of these contemporary issues of migration and citizenship(s) in Africa, Asia, and Europe historically.

  • Migration, Vulnerability and Health - Workshop on Health Issues Faced by Migrant Households and Current Response Mechanisms

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :08-Apr-2016 To 09 Mar 2016 |

    The proposed workshop on migration, vulnerability and health seeks to open a debate on the health issues of a highly disenfranchised population of seasonal internal migrants in India and reflect on how our healthcare systems have fared in servicing their unique needs.

  • CFP: Development-induced Displacement and Migration, Land Acquisition and Resettlement

    Subject : Development-induced Displacement and Migration, Land Acquisition and Resettlement | Conference Date :03-Mar-2016 To 04 Mar 2016 |

    The CDS invites papers for an international conference on Development-induced Displacement and Migration, Land Acquisition and Resettlement to be held in Thiruvanathapuram during 3-4, March 2016. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform to academics, development practitioners and research scholars studying development-induced displacement to critically discuss, reflect and disseminate research on various topics on or related to the theme. In various contexts and across regions, development projects have displaced urban, rural, indigenous and tribal populations from their lands without effectively addressing the adverse impacts to their livelihood. This seminar is also organized to disseminate the findings of the ongoing IDRC project on Involuntary Resettlement: A Cross-country Study on Urban Inequality and Poverty. Case-studies as well as papers with a focus on resettlement and proposed changes to the land acquisition policy and its consequences are welcome. Papers facilitating a dialogue between disciplines and perspectives are encouraged. Submissions using different analytical methods such as quantitative and qualitative empirical methods, mixed methods, historical and theoretical analyses are also welcome. Deadline (Abstracts): 15 October 2015. Abstracts may be sent to: displacementseminar@gmail.com A committee will evaluate the abstract and give priority to originality, analytical rigour and policy relevance. Authors will be notified by 15 November whether their abstract has been accepted. Deadline (Papers): Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will be required to submit their full papers by 15 January 2016. Funding for travel and accommodation will be provided to authors whose abstracts have been accepted and have also submitted full papers.

  • The Migrating out of Poverty Research Internship Scheme

    Subject : Annual Internship Scheme | Workshop Date :01-Mar-2016 To 31 Jul 2016 |

    The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium operates an annual Internship Scheme. The scheme is open to recent graduates, postgraduate students and early career researchers with good research skills and a demonstrable interest in migration. It offers an opportunity to work with leading researchers in the field of migration, poverty and development. Successful candidates spend 3 months contributing to the programme while based in one of the Consortium’s core partner institutions in Africa and Asia. They receive reimbursement of their pre-departure, visa and travel costs; a modest living allowance for the 3 month period; regular supervision within the host centre; and pastoral support from the Secretariat.

  • GRFDT National Conference on Migration, Diaspora and Development

    Subject : Migration, Diaspora and Transnationalism | Conference Date :20-Feb-2016 To 20 Feb 2016 |

    The National Conference will bring recent debates on the developmental impact of of both internal and diasporic migration and and throw light on issues regarding family,economic gains and losses of migration, knowledge and skill transfers, entrepreneurship etc. In light of multiple challenges,there is a need for dialogue that can be inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary and involves multiple stakeholders. The sub themes of the Conference are: Emerging issues in scholarship and understanding of migration and diaspora Migration and Economy; Knowledge Economy and policies towards high skilled labour Engagement with diaspora through various policy initiatives; Diaspora, Migration and economic development; Diasporic investment and Entrepreneurship; Remittances of both physical and social capital and return migration; Impact and Usage of Remittances; Globalization and changing role of citizenship Migration Chain ; Social, Psychological and Cultural life of Migrants; Refugee and Migration; Migration in and out India;Diasporas in India; Migration and labour; Migration and law; Gendered migration; Biopolitics in migration; Regional Dimensions: Cases from Kerala, Punjab and other states affected by international migration; Internal Migration dynamics vis a vis international migration

  • Call for Papers: 'Trafficking Representations'

    Subject : Human Trafficking | other Date :08-Jan-2016 To 01 Mar 2016 |

    The Anti-Trafficking Review calls for papers for a themed issue entitled 'Trafficking Representations.' This issue will seek to explore the specific ways in which different forms of representation erase the complexity of the life trajectories of people who have experienced trafficking, as well as those of migrants, women, sex workers and others who are labelled as trafficked according to the rhetoric of neoliberal humanitarianism. At the same time, the special issue is interested in ways in which popular representations of trafficking and modern slavery have weakened the efforts to gain a better understanding of how social, economic and political inequalities and labour exploitation are produced and maintained in various locations.

  • Talk on Urban Space and Gender

    Subject : Urban Space | other Date :19-Sep-2015 To 19 Sep 2015 |

    The Institute of Women's Studies, University of Lucknow invites you to a talk on Urban Space and Gender by Dr Binti Singh. Dr Singh is a full time faculty at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environment Studies, Mumbai. A doctorate in Sociology from IIT, Mumbai, Dr Singh has worked as a Senior Research Associate at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and her area of Specialization is Urban Governance and Slum Rehabilitation in Mumbai.

  • Shadipur Shani Bazaar

    Subject : Street Vendors | other Date :05-Sep-2015 To 05 Sep 2015 |

    Based on the research done by post graduate students of Sociology at Dr Ambedkar University, this exploration of the Shadipur Shani Bazaar (Shadipur Saturday Bazaar) looks at people, merchandise and customers of one weekly informal street market in west Delhi. In existence for more than a generation, providing low cost products and services to the urban poor, the exhibition reveals how informal weekly market vendors in one weekly market or ‘haat’ conduct their trade. The exhibition looks at the organization, history, vendor narratives and other interesting facets that make up the larger picture of the bazaar. These markets are seen to interlink various parts of the city through networks created by products and vendors, and how their urban clientele follow these by creating new ones of market acceptance. Sept 5; 5.30 pm.

  • Call for Papers- E-Diasporas, Living Digitally (International Journal of E-Politics)

    Subject : Disporas, Technology, Identity | other Date :01-Sep-2015 To 01 Sep 2015 |

    With the growth of international (im)migration and work through digital space across time zones and in the last decade, the Internet and related wireless and mobile technologies have become crucial for members of various diasporic communities seeking to connect with both their countries of origin and their host nations. This special issue of the International Journal of E-Politics aims to understand the rhizomatic nature of migrant communities in a twenty-first century climate where the increasing use of online spaces influences the creation of diaspora politics, identity formation (or reclamation in the new nation), and the conception of new meanings of the terms ‘home’ and ‘homeland.’ Thus, this issue endeavors to expand ongoing conversations about dispersed global communities and the ways they relate with communications and information technologies. The International Journal of E-Politics is interdisciplinary and welcomes any disciplinary, theoretical or methodological approach.

  • Call for Papers- Child Labour: Issues and Challenges

    Subject : Child Labour | Seminar Date :27-Aug-2015 To 28 Aug 2015 |

    The estimates presented in the ILO Report, 2012, indicate that 168 million children worldwide are in child labour. India has possibly the largest child labour force in the world. The problem of child labour has drawn considerable public and policy attention. Concurrent with the rise in public interest, awareness and activism, is a booming theoretical literature and empirical research. Mumbai being a centre for several migratory processes, throws many small children into the labour market. To further boost the movement against child labour in Mumbai, this conference seeks to bring the academic community and interventionists together to debate the way forward for grassroots action against child labour.

  • Gendered Dimensions of Migration: Material and social outcomes of South-South migration

    Subject : Gender and Migration | Conference Date :30-Jun-2015 To 02 Jul 2015 |

    The times of ignoring women and girls’ encounter with migration as migrants in their own right and as active members of communities engaged in migratory livelihood practices have gone. In both policy and research circles changes in migration flows have generated profound attention to gendered and generational patterns of migration and to changes in these patterns. Empirical research has since helped enrich the ways in which gendered dimensions of migration are conceptualised and how this may impact policy. Important insights hail from research documenting gender differences in the ability to migrate, the feminisation of certain types of migration, and linkages between labour and mobility regimes impacting migrants and their home communities in complex and often gendered ways. This conference brings together scholars and policy-makers focusing on the material and social linkages between gender and labour migration in the global South. Twenty carefully chosen research-based contributions will explore how notions of gender and age appropriate activities and comportment shape migratory projects and their outcomes, and how migration affects relationships between women and men and between parents and their sons and daughters. Two policy roundtables aim to facilitate dialogue between researchers and policy advisers by linking the latest research findings to current interventions and the lessons learned in organisations working with migrants.

  • Sampark: Financial Literacy Training and Awareness Programme on Safety and Occupational Health Hazards

    Subject : Financial literacy, occupational health hazards | Workshop Date :14-Jun-2015 To 14 Jun 2015 |

    Shram partner Sampark will conduct a Financial Literacy Training and an Awareness Programme on Safety and Occupational Health Hazards on the 14th of June 2015 in Bangalore.

  • CFP (conference):

    Subject : Pakistan Afghanistan Borderland War | Conference Date :12-Jun-2015 To 14 Jun 2015 |

    The theme of the 2015 Annual Conference explores the following major questions: Given the hitherto marginality of the local voices and traditions, what are the ways and sources of knowledge that can help to make their lives more legible, meaningful, and inclusive? What makes Pakistan-Afghanistan borderland a borderland? In what ways do the recent scholarship on borderlands contribute to problematizing as well as understanding the various dynamics of Pakistan-Afghanistan borderland? What are the political and economic challenges to the state building in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially in the backdrop of recent developments in the region? How do the key global challenges of our time affect the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderland and vice versa?

  • Call for Papers: National Seminar on Migration and Regional Development in India

    Subject : inter state migration, intra state migration, remittances, migration and social issues, regional development and migration | Seminar Date :12-Mar-2015 To 13 Mar 2015 |

    The Nagaland University in association with Indian Council of Social Science Research is organising a National Multi Disciplinary Seminar on “Migration and Regional Development in India”. This seminar is an effort to discuss various dimensions of internal and International migration in India and their positive-negative socio-economic-political and security implications along with ensuring ways of Safe Migration to save the youth from exploitation and maintaining national/ social harmony.

  • Call for Chapters

    Subject : Book project "Mapping Migration, Identity, and Space" | other Date :23-Feb-2015 To 15 May 2015 |

    This interdisciplinary collection of essays focuses on the ways in which movements of people across natural, political, and cultural boundaries shape identities that are inexorably linked to actual and imagined space that individuals on the move cross, inhabit, and leave behind. As conflicts over identities and space continue to erupt on a regular basis, and while those from previous eras are far from resolved, this book provides readings of the relationship between migration, identity, and space from a fresh and innovative perspective. Submission proposals for unpublished articles (9,000-12,000 words, including notes and bibliography) are welcomed. Initially, only abstracts (400 words), indicating the working title of the article, should be sent to tlinhard@wustl.edu by May 15, 2015. Completed articles will be due September 15, 2015.

  • One day workshop at IDSK

    Subject : (En)gendering Migration: Narratives from South Asia and Beyond | Workshop Date :20-Feb-2015 To 20 Feb 2015 |

  • Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services

    Subject : Learning course on theoretical, analytic and application framework on migration research | Workshop Date :15-Feb-2015 To 24 Feb 2015 |

    Aajeevika Bureau announces the commencement of the second “Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services” to be organized jointly by CMLS in partnership with Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice, Social of Social Work at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. The course has been designed keeping in mind the unique demands and requirements of the migration programme community and it will bring together a diverse group from across the country to delve deeper into theoretical, analytical and application frameworks associated with seasonal migration and labour.

  • SHRAMIC event on ‘Making Labour Markets Work’

    Subject : Special Issue on Migration | Seminar Date :13-Feb-2015 To 13 Feb 2015 |

    We are pleased to invite you to the launch of Urban India’s ‘Special Issue on Migration’, which contains a set of papers brought out by NGO partners of SHRAMIC on 13 February 2015 at New Delhi. Urban India is brought out by the National Institute of Urban Affairs. Strengthen and Harmonize Research and Action on Migration (SHRAMIC), an initiative funded by the Tata Trusts, has supported a network of grassroots NGOs and reputed academic institutions, including CPR, IGIDR and NIUA, to better understand migration and labour market issues across India and South Asia and enable evidence-based policy formulation. The papers in this special issue shed light on driver and impacts of migration and labour market in cities, among other valuable perspectives from the field. Collectively, the papers mark an important milestone in SHRAMIC’s journey. The launch will be followed by two panel discussions among eminent industry experts, academicians and policymakers addressing the need to adress labour market issues. The details are given below: Panel 1: Skills, Employability, Jobs: Improving Labour Market Outcomes in Indian Cities Panel 2: Nature, Extent, Effectiveness of Migration as a Livelihood Strategy: Role of Government & Judiciary

  • Aajeevika Young Leaders Fellowship in Migration and Development

    Subject : Fellowship on Migration and Development for the year 2015 | Scholarship Date :01-Jan-2015 To 01 Feb 2015 |

    This fellowship supports young and passionate individuals in building a strong, grounded understanding of seasonal migration and develop skills for designing of migration services. Candidates with a demonstrated passion for new-age development issues, ideally someone who wants to build a long term career in migration and development is encouraged to apply. Please send your applications to cmls@aajeevika.org by 20th December, 2014. The application should include a covering letter, statement of purpose, and a resume.

  • Global Issues of Population, Development and Environment

    Subject : Issues of Urbanization, Migration and Governance | Seminar Date :27-Oct-2014 To 28 Oct 2014 |

    The Population Research Centre (PRC) is an interdisciplinary community of scholars established in 1972. The Centre is engaged in research and training in population dynamics. In the present era of Globalization, Privatization and Liberalization (LPG), the inter-relationship of population, development and environment (PDE), has been drawing greater attention of the researchers, academicians and environmental scientists. Under the sub-theme of 'urbanization, migration and governance', the proposed seminar will cover the aspects of migrant population in cities and the complex issues of development and environment.

  • Their Own Country: A Profile of Labor Migration from Rajasthan

    Subject : Media Launch of Labour Migration from Rajasthan Report | Seminar Date :17-Oct-2014 To 17 Oct 2014 |

    On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, UNESCO, in partnership with Aajeevika Bureau Udaipur, and the support of UN Women, is organizing a policy roundtable and media launch of the first ever State report on internal migration in India titled Their Own Country: A Profile of Labor Migration from Rajasthan, on Friday 17 October 2014 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The report documents the state of seasonal migration in Rajasthan and aims to provide policymakers and government officials with fresh perspective and information on migration trends and positively influences state policy.

  • Human Migration in South Asia: Dynamics and Implications

    Subject : Migration | Conference Date :09-Oct-2014 To 11 Oct 2014 |

    Human migration is basically a spatial mobility of population from one geographical area to another involving change of residence. The phenomenon of human migration has been taking place all across the globe and throughout human history. It is widely accepted that the actual peopling of South Asia resulted due to successive streams of migration coming in since ancient times mainly from the west of the Indian Sub-continent through mountain passes. As the region is enclosed by the lofty mountain chains in the north and the wide Indian Ocean in the south, all nations of South Asia, therefore, share almost the same history and the relationship between them dates back to prehistoric times. South Asia covers seven countries viz; Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka that have grouped themselves under the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in December 1985.

  • International Seminar on Migration, Care, Economy and Development

    Subject : With changing age structure of the global population, migration receives increasing attention in terms of providing care for the economically inactive left behind population and its social and economic implications on families, the economy and the society as a whole. These provide serious challenges for researchers in developing appropriate methodology for complete understanding of the subject. | Seminar Date :17-Sep-2014 To 19 Sep 2014 |

    This seminar is organised in honour of Professor K C Zachariah, a doyen of migration studies, who with his long and dedicated research on migration has motivated many scholars both in India and abroad to take up migration research, on his 90th birth day, with an aim of discussing all its dimensions with greater precision. Human migration across borders has been a phenomenon as old as the human history itself, but was somehow neglected from the mainstream disciplines until its socio-economic impacts on the sending and receiving countries were tremendously felt. Today, foreign remittances build the foundation of economic development for many countries, which has ignited the curiosity of many researchers worldwide. In the new era of economic changes, migration appears to play an important role of which most aspects remain unexplored.

  • Aajeevika Young Leader Fellowship in Migration and Development

    Subject : Fellowship for young individuals passionate for development | other Date :30-May-2014 To 30 Apr 2015 |

    Aajeevika Bureau announces the Young Leaders Fellowship on Migration and Development for the year 2014. This fellowship supports young and passionate individuals in building a strong, grounded understanding of rural livelihoods, internal seasonal migration and develop skills for designing of livelihood services for migrant communities. Candidates with a demonstrated passion for development issues, ideally someone who wants to build a long term career in rural livelihoods and development is encouraged to apply.

  • Conference on The MGNREGA in India: Taking stock, looking ahead

    Subject : Call for Papers | Conference Date :26-Mar-2014 To 28 Mar 2014 |

    The conference aims to bring together scholars working on assessing the impacts of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) in India, to take stock of the impacts of the programme along a number of dimensions, including but not restricted to human well-being, environmental resources, labour markets and agriculture.

  • Migration and Global Environment change in India

    Subject : National workshop | Workshop Date :04-Mar-2014 To 05 Mar 2014 |

    UNESCO, the Government Office for Science (GOS, UK) and the Department for International Development (DFID) will hold a two-day workshop on Migration and Global Environmental Change in India, Delhi, on 4 - 5 March 2014. The workshop will explore how the findings of the Foresight: Migration and Global Environmental Change (MGEC), Final Project Report, The Government Office for Science, London (2011) and other analysis, might inform the thinking and actions of experts and decision makers from policy, academia and other stakeholders with a specific interest in this topic and discuss the potential implications for India and neighboring countries.

  • Training Programme on Methods and Approaches in Research on Migration Issues

    Subject : The programme intends to acquaint researchers with emerging issues and consequences of internal and international migration | Workshop Date :03-Mar-2014 To 07 Mar 2014 |

    Applications are invited for the Tenth residential edition of the program to be conducted during March 03-07, 2014. Researchers and doctoral scholars of Social Sciences working on migration and related issues are encouraged to apply. Apply before 20th January, 2014 with curriculum vitae and a one page write-up on how the applicant expects to benefit from attending the program in pursuance of his/her ongoing research.

  • Indian and French Scholar's Workshop on Labour Mobility and Mobilization

    Subject : Labour Migration from and to India, Mobilization, Trade Union and Labour Regulations | Workshop Date :11-Feb-2014 To 14 Feb 2014 |

    CSH is partner of the Indian and French Scholar's Workshop on Labour, Mobility and Mobilization, organized by the Young Researchers Association Jeunes Etudes Indiennes (AJEI) and the Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies (CISLS) that will be held on February 11-14, 2014 at Committee Room, SSS-1, JNU, New Delhi

  • District Level Migration Workshop

    Subject : Understanding district profile of migrants in Odisha | Workshop Date :20-Dec-2013 To 20 Dec 2013 |

  • National Workshop on "Education, Protection and Healthy environment of Migrant Children"

    Subject : To address the issue of migrant children and particularly the care, protection and creating healthy environment in terms of policy, programs and mobilization both from civil society organizations and government to reduce vulnerability of children and protection of their rights both at the origin and destination. | Workshop Date :05-Dec-2013 To 06 Dec 2013 |

    Aide-et Action in collaboration with Bertrand Van Leer Foundation is organizing a two-day National Workshop to deliberate on the need for "Education, Protection and Healthy Environment of Migrant Children" on 5th-6th December 203 Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. The key participants in the workshop include-Civil Society Organization, Representatives from Government, Academicians and Social Activists engaged in migrant children, child labour and protection issues.

  • Certificate Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services

    Subject : A course designed to bring fresh perspectives and skills to practitioners in the growing field of labour migration practice and policy. | Workshop Date :17-Nov-2013 To 26 Nov 2013 |

    The course is a very first attempt to bring fresh perspectives and skills to practitioners in the growing field of labour migration practice and policy. The Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions (CMLS) at Aajeevika Bureau and the Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice (CODP) at TISS Mumbai have collaborated in the design of this certificate course which is beginning on November 17th. It will bring together a total of 18 selected participants from field organisations of Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Through the 9 day program the participants will learn theoretical concepts, management tools and research methods to sharpen their interventions with migrant communities. The program combines case based methods, lectures, assignments, field assignments and seminars. A highly experienced and respected group of faculty members have generously accepted to lead sessions and teach in the certificate program to make it a unique learning opportunity for the participants and their organisations.

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